Tips for Wise Use of Plastic

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Plastic is an item that we often use in our daily life. Starting from food packages, drinks, cigarettes, straws, to vegetable packages that we buy at the market or traveling vendors. The use of plastic also extends to some household appliances. Such as paralon pipes, cooking tools, children's toys, electrical equipment, and so on. Plastic so often we use. However, behind the benefits that make it easier for humans, the presence of plastic also causes harm. Something that is not profitable from the existence of plastic is when it becomes trash. Yes, today's plastic waste has become a threat to the environment.

Here are tips for wise use of plastic:

1. Reducing plastic as food or beverage packaging

2. Use your own place to eat and drink

3. Get used to drinking without a straw

Often when hanging out in cafes, coffee shops, we are always given a straw when ordering cold drinks. It's not wrong. However, when we ask not to be given a straw, we have participated in the wise use of plastic. Straws that are often used in cold drinks are made of plastic. So, if you still want to use straws, at least we bring our own straws made from environmentally friendly materials. Like straws made of stainless steel and bamboo for example.

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