Why Use Food Grade Plastic Bottles And Plastic Jerrycan?

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we’re going to shine a light on plastic and explore the many benefits of using it as your main packaging material for Plastic Jerrycan (Jerigen Plastik). Let’s begin...

There Are A Lot Of Varieties

Plastic is a fantastic man-made material that comes in so many different packaging forms, from thin plastic bags to thick plastic bottles! The great thing about all the different types of plastic is that they all have different properties. Some types are opaque and some are translucent, some types are recyclable and some are not. This wide variety of options gives you plenty of scope to work with and find the right variety of plastic for your brand.

It’s Flexible, Durable And Safe

Many plastics are freezer, fridge and microwave safe and can be stored in all sorts of conditions. Plastic can also be moulded into almost any shape imaginable, so it is fairly easy to create your own design that is unique to your brand! It is also a safe packaging option to package children’s products, as unlike glass, plastic will not shatter when it is broken, reducing the risk of cutting yourself on sharp corners and shards.

It’s Cheaper Than Glass On Average

With glass being more expensive to produce, it is natural that plastic is the cheaper packaging option. This makes it a great, cost-effective packaging choice for small businesses and start-ups, where keeping costs down initially is very important.

They’re Compatible With Tamper Evident Closures

Unlike glass products, some of our plastic bottles and Plastic Plastic Jerrycan (Jerigen Plastik) are compatible with tamper evident lids, which give your customer’s an extra layer of confidence in your product integrity. Tamper evident lids are screw top caps that have an extra plastic seal that has to be broken to use it.

It Can Be Recycled Into Many Different Products

Whilst plastic is one of the worst materials for being dumped in landfill and polluting the natural environment, some types of plastic can actually be recycled. Unlike glass, which can only be recycled and reshaped into more glass products, some types of plastic have the ability to be recycled into a massive amount of different products other than new plastic bottles. These can include types of fabric, plastic bags, bins and so much more!

It’s Lightweight

Unlike glass, plastic for Plastic Jerrycan (Jerigen Plastik) can be moved around fairly easily without much effort and without a fear of them smashing during transportation. This makes it the obvious choice for products such as multipack drinks and Plastic Jerrycan (Jerigen Plastik) and tubs of food products for catering companies.

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So how can you make your Plastic Jerrycan (Jerigen Plastik) product packaging more eco-friendly?

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