Making Shelves for Kitchen Spices from Used Jerrycans, Creative and Environmentally Friendly Solutions

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In the world of modern-cooking, having kitchen ingredients neatly arranged and easy to reach is everyone's dream. However, we often face the problem of limited storage space in the kitchen. Well, we have a creative solution for you: make a spice rack using old plastic jerry cans. As well as being a practical solution, it is also an environmentally friendly way to reduce plastic waste. Here is a simple step to make the shelf.

The first step, clean used plastic jerry cans with water and soap to remove any dirt or residue that may still be attached. Make sure the jerry cans are completely dry before proceeding to the next process.

Determine the desired shelf height on the jerry can, then mark the line using a ruler. This will be the cut area to form the shelf. Use a cutter or scissors to cut the jerry can following the marked line you have made. Use fine sandpaper to even out and smooth out the cut edges.

If you want to give your shelves some color, you can coat the jerry cans with spray paint or acrylic paint. Make sure you do it in an open or well-ventilated area.

If you want to install a wall shelf in your kitchen, you can use clamps or nails to make sure the jerry can remains secure and stable. Make sure the rack is properly installed and able to withstand the weight of the spices that will be stored in it.

Place the jerry can on the rack upside down, so that the bottom of the jerry can forms the front of the rack. You can use strong adhesive to ensure the jerry can stays in the desired position. After the shelves are installed, you can start arranging the spices in the jerry cans as you wish.

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