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Plastic is no longer something that is rare in our daily lives. There are lots of uses for plastic and plastic cannot be separated from life in this country. so many people use and use plastic, we can forget that plastic can cause waste that is difficult to decompose.


  • Make it easier to carry or pack an item, food etc
  • For a container
  • For household furniture anti-rust and not easily broken when it falls


  • create mounds of waste that are very difficult to decompose
  • can be a source of disease when misused
  • Mounds of trash can become a nest for mosquitoes and other insects
  • Plastic waste can make waterways, rivers, seas, beaches polluted and damage the beauty of coral reefs in the sea and on the beach
  • make the soil polluted because plastic is difficult to decompose
  • if it is burned it will also be harmful to living things and also the air
Tips for reducing the use of plastic in everyday life is to apply 3R which includes Reuse, Recycle and Reduce.
  1. Reuse is to reuse goods with the same function or a different function. An example is reusing plastic bottles for drinking water containers.
  2. Reduce is reducing the use of goods that will produce waste. An example is bringing cloth shopping bags to the market to reduce the use of single-use plastic bags
  3. Recycle is recycling goods back into a new form or a new function. An example is recycling bottles of mineral water into pots for planting flowers.

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