The Best Eco-Friendly Plastic Jerrycan (Jerigen Plastik) Options For Eco-Conscious Businesses

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The Best Eco-Friendly Plastic Jerrycan (Jerigen Plastik) Options For Eco-Conscious Businesses

One of the biggest issues facing existing businesses today is the big push towards sustainable, eco-friendly packaging. Consumers, who have long been accustomed to single-use convenience packaging, have now woken up to the fact that this type of packaging is not good for the environment at all and are fast switching to companies that put sustainable packaging at the forefront of their brand image. Unfortunately, investing in new biodegradable or recyclable packaging often comes with added costs which can either be passed on to the consumer or absorbed by the business, neither of which are desirable options! You either risk losing customers to cheaper rivals or reduce your profits, which could make future growth more difficult.

We have a number of Plastic Jerrycan (Jerigen Plastik) and plastic packaging options available for businesses at competitive prices for you to consider. We understand that plastic use in business and industry is decreasing, but for many products, plastic is still the only viable option for packaging due to its many beneficial properties. So what existing recyclable packaging options are suitable for companies that want to reduce their carbon footprint and attract new eco-conscious customers?

HDPE Plastic

HDPE plastic is another quite common plastic packaging material, with the most recognisable product being milk bottles, but it is also used regularly for making Plastic Jerrycan (Jerigen Plastik), chemical drums and some juice bottles. It is a high-density material, meaning that it has great impact and moisture resistance. HDPE is typically translucent, so that you can see the fill level of the product within, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not strong! HDPE is renowned for being lightweight, yet durable, with a typical HDPE milk jug weighing 2 ounces being able to carry up to a gallon of milk!

If your business is in the market for new, high quality packaging, make sure to take a look through our extensive ranges of industry standard Bottle, Plastic Jerrycan (Jerigen Plastik) . We specialise in selling pallet quantities at competitive prices, with further discounts available when you buy in large quantities. Just give our team a call on (021) 5907777.

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