So what makes Plastic Jerrycan (Jerigen Plastik) from Kapujaya different from other stackables?

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So what makes Plastic Jerrycan (Jerigen Plastik) from Kapujaya different from other stackables?

Many things! Let us talk you through all the great features…

Moulded Handle

The specially moulded handle is shaped specifically to fit the grooves of your hands, making the containers more comfortable to carry. Although the handle looks thin, it is more than strong enough to hold the strain of 25 litres!

Wide Pouring Neck

The wide pouring neck allows for both quick dispensation and easy filling of your Plastic Jerrycan (Jerigen Plastik) Kapujaya. The plastic containers also come complete with a choice of vented or non-vented, tamper evident screw on caps.

Manufactured from HDPE plastic

HDPE plastic is known for being strong and fully recyclable, with no chemicals able to leak into the contents of your Plastic Jerrycan (Jerigen Plastik). The containers are semi-transparent so you and your customers can see the fill levels.


Plastic Jerrycan (Jerigen Plastik) Kapujaya is suitable for transporting fuel, motor oil, food products and so much more. The strong properties of HDPE means that it can even hold hazardous chemicals!

International Standard Procedure

We produce all our plastic product with the highest level of operational standards and we perform a usage test / checking throughout our products.

Get in touch today to speak to our friendly sales team to learn more about these fantastic Plastic Jerrycan (Jerigen Plastik) on (021) 5907777 or email us at

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